In a world with over 7 billion people and a highly competitive culture in both work and overall life, it's difficult to stand out—and even harder to over-achieve. It seems as if the path to success is already mapped out when we are born. All parents want their kids to be lawyers or doctors—but we cannot all be the same and this world cannot exist without the creative and the unique. We should take the advice of our fingerprints and strive to be different.
Often at times we can feel like decision making is out of our hands and the world is controlling the course of our lives. As children, we are encouraged to be different and creative but as we grow older we are motivated to do otherwise. Success is an expectation and the fear of failure is even more of a reality—so much so that we just do what we think will make us happy with less risk but at the cost of our individuality.
Self-reflection is a necessary step in realizing who one is as an individual. Sometimes life can get in the way and blur our perspective, similar to how a dirty window distorts our view from outside or vice versa. With a little light and a look within, the scene will become clearer.
Everyone has both good and bad parts to their character. The most important thing is to realize what those parts are and to make sure the good outweighs the bad. However, sometimes when life gets in the way, balancing the two can become a challenge one can barely handle, and without the ability to handle we can only be left with conflict. But, for where there is shadow, there must be light. Although the night can seem long, the sun will rise again.

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